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BERLINiort joins in the row of events celebrating the 20th  anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It is a project designed for the Youth of Niort (Western France). Young people  installed an exhibtion, promoted it by making and spreading flyers and and they participated in many events such as a round table with contemporary witnesses.  Supported by the German artist ossada the young people built a wall of 20 metres in front of the Habitat Jeunes « L'Atlantique », decorated this wall and brought it finally to the fall.  With this action we  aim to senisbilize the Youth for the history of Europe. More than 400 young have been taking part already.

Financial  support: Embassy of the German Democratic Republic, the departement of Deux-Sèvres, the city of Niort etc.

But   the   project   is   not   finished,   yet.   The   exhibition   BERLINiort   and   its   results  will   be reintegrated  in  the exhibition  for   the 20th   anniversary of  the  reunification of   the Federal Republic of Germany. The exhibition will be shown at the eastern german town Mittweida at the   1st  October   2010.   It  will   be   co-organised   by   young  German   people   of  Mittweida futhermore visited by pupils from the secondary school during their french courses.

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